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Physical inactivity: a global public health problem  

Sedentary life

At least 60% of the world's population does not perform the physical activity necessary to obtain health benefits. This is due in part to insufficient participation in physical activity during leisure time and to an increase in sedentary behavior during work and domestic activities. Increased use of "passive" means of transportation has also reduced physical activity.

Causes of Physical Inactivity

Urbanization has created several environmental factors that discourage physical activity:

·         Overpopulation.
·         Increase in poverty.
·         Increased criminality.
·         High traffic density.
·         Poor air quality.
·         Lack of parks, sidewalks and
 sports and recreational facilities.

Consequently, noncommunicable diseases associated with physical inactivity are the major public health problem in most countries of the world. Effective public health measures are urgently needed to improve the physical activity of all populations.

Populations at risk

The global evolution of physical activity is particularly worrying in some high-risk populations: young people, women and older adults.

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  1. Thanks to the student of the Grade of Social work (3º). University of Granada, 2018:
    Thanks to Ismael Carrillo for the English revision.

    1. The Higher your level of energy, the more efficient your body will be. The Higher the efficiency of your body, the better you will feel to get incredible results.

    2. Choose walking or cycling instead of a motor vehicle for transportation.

    3. Daily walking at a high intensity

    4. Walking up the stairs: I’m in

    5. Seventeen-year-olds should accumulate a minimum of 60 minutes per day of moderate and vigorous physical activity.

    6. 60 minutes per day prevent cardiovascular risks and keep a healthy metabolic profile.

    7. Physical activity over 60 minutes per day will benefit your health more.

    8. We should incorporate strengh exercise for muscles and bones at least three times a week

    9. It is a general recommendation to walk 30 minutes per day

    10. For your health, please move your body!

  2. Holaa!!
    Yo también pienso que la actividad física es muy importante, os dejo en este comentario un vídeo explicativo de la Junta de Andalucía de la importancia que tienen el no hacer actividad física para los niños.