Hi!! Here we leave you some LINKS of our friends to improve your physical activities, to make them funnier and even to know more about other important issues about your health!

Survival Zombie click here

A "Survival zombie's event" is a kind of competition organised by WRG company; This activity consists of joining a real zombie apocalypse in which you could take two different roles:
- Survivor: You have to survive all the night running away from zombies and resolve some proof during the event, if you are hunted by a zombie you turn into one of them
- Zombie: You are in a group with other zombies and all of you walk together and try to hunt the survivors, For this role you have to be made-up like a real zombie

This event is so funny and scary at the same time, and of course It is a very original way to do some exercise, but don't forget to warm-up!

Promoting Healthy Eating click here

This blog is really useful if you are interested in healthy food, which is one of the most important pillar of the exercising. Here you can also find information about easy recipes and some nutritional diseases.

Stress Prevention click here

We all know that stress is one of the most important problem of our society, so in this blog you can learn more about relaxing and autocontrol techniques, but don't you forget, physical activities also can help you to avoid the stress of your life!

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  1. Thanks to the student of the Grade of Social work (3º). University of Granada, 2018:
    Thanks to Ismael Carrillo for the English revision.

    1. The Higher your level of energy, the more efficient your body will be. The Higher the efficiency of your body, the better you will feel to get incredible results.

    2. Choose walking or cycling instead of a motor vehicle for transportation.

    3. Daily walking at a high intensity

    4. Walking up the stairs: I’m in

    5. Seventeen-year-olds should accumulate a minimum of 60 minutes per day of moderate and vigorous physical activity.

    6. 60 minutes per day prevent cardiovascular risks and keep a healthy metabolic profile.

    7. Physical activity over 60 minutes per day will benefit your health more.

    8. We should incorporate strengh exercise for muscles and bones at least three times a week

    9. It is a general recommendation to walk 30 minutes per day

    10. For your health, please move your body!

  2. Benefits of traditional Pilates:

    -Pilates is an exercise capable of strengthening the entire musculature of your body in an integral way.

    -It is a sport that balances the body through stretching and also offers resistance exercises.

    -Balance the body with stretching and resistance exercises.

    -Through Pilates you can avoid many injuries or even help with the recovery of those that already exist.

    -It helps you to be much more relaxed.

    -It is able to improve energy levels.

    -Is able to improve concentration.

    -It helps you improve your confidence and above all your self-esteem.

    -Helps reduce stress and improves mood.