Aging is a natural process in life, it is the consequence of going to be years, of the passage of time by people. Therefore old age is another stage of life that if we accept it naturally we will enjoy all the opportunities that presents us, which are many.It is a stage that is usually faced with more free time, because we have probably completed tasks we have been engaged for years, such as raising children, work outside the home, etc. Therefore, it is a stage that presents us with opportunities to do what we have always wanted and to continue to participate actively in social and family life through volunteer activities, recreational, lifelong learning, cultural expression, etc. In short to have an acctive aging.
To have an active and healthy aging, means to participate in society according to our needs, desires and abilities, means to take full advantage of the oportunities to have good physical health, to feel good emotionally and to have a favorable social environment.

Add "life to years" through healthy ageing (click video)


Source: Departamento de empleo y políticas sociales. (2015). Guía para el envejecimiento activo y saludable. 22/02/2017, de Gobierno Vasco Sitio web: http://www.euskadilagunkoia.net/es/2014-11-24-15-42-56/8-servicios-sociales-y-de-salud/276-guia-para-el-envejecimiento-activo-y-saludable

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  1. La actividad física en adultos mayores es también importante tal y como se muestra en esta sección del blog, por ello para enriquecer su información adjunto este video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lMBNFWz55w